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At OIAPL, we provide our clients solutions for both green-field and brown-field projects.

Ori-Occi Industrial Associates Private Limited (OIAPL) is a global engineering consulting firm that serves a wide range of industries.

Ori-Occi Industrial Associates Private Limited (OIAPL), founded in 2013, provides Engineering consultancy services to a diverse range of industries in the global market, including Oil and Gas (Onshore & Offshore), Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Water treatment, and others. At OIAPL, we provide our clients solutions for both green-field and brown-field projects.


Detail Engineering
Ori-Occi Industrial Associates Private Limited (OIAPL) understands the importance of detailed design engineering for high quality, cost-effective and timely engineering and construction projects. READ MORE
Designing & 3D Modelling
OIAPL provides a comprehensive set of 3D design services. We provide comprehensive plant modelling services that include the development of optimal pipe routes from an operational, safety standpoint. READ MORE
Piping Stress Analysis
Our expertise is in pipe stress analysis, and our teams have extensive project experience performing the complete range of stress analysis services for piping systems and piping flexibility studies. READ MORE
Structure Analysis
The professional engineers at OIAPL are skilled in analysing the impact of external emphasis on static structures such as construction components, machine components, and so on. READ MORE
Skid Engineering
OIAPL Services provides skid structure designs and 3D modelling solutions for businesses in a variety of industries to meet their equipment skid design needs. READ MORE
Reverse Engineering
OIAPL provides a comprehensive reverse engineering service. Our 3D scanning technology will capture 3D measurements as small as a flange bolt dia or as large as a Process plant. READ MORE
GIS & Mapping Services
OIAPL works on GIS data conversions and prepares electronic maps using (GIS) technology by utilizing the paper or electronic data that has been either captured by the clients or collected otherwise. READ MORE
We provide bespoke MEP design solution for building services to customers in the food retail, food processing and distribution, and non-food sectors including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. READ MORE
Talent Acquisition
We have expertise Engineering Resource Provider in Design, Construction, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance & Project Management team READ MORE

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