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Designing & 3D Modelling

OIAPL provides a comprehensive set of 3D design services. We provide comprehensive plant modelling services that include the development of optimal pipe routes from an operational, maintenance, and safety standpoint.

To provide excellent 3D modelling services, our team of qualified and design engineers collaborates with EPCs, engineering consultancies, and OEMs. Our team generates real-time walkthroughs as digital models, providing a thorough understanding of the facility before building begins, thanks to substantial on-site expertise.

3D Designing & Modelling

  • Preparation of PMS based component library
  • Software administration, including project setup, specification preparation, component & deliverables library & reports customization.
  • Our 3D Modelling Design Services allow for the modelling of equipment based on inputs such as mechanical data sheets/equipment layouts/vendor drawings.
  • Modelling of civil/structural features such as equipment foundations, platforms, and walkways (or ladders, railings, manholes, envelopes, pipe racks, skid base frame/lifting lugs, or anchor bolts) using comprehensive 2D drawings as input.
  • Piping and pipe support modelling in accordance with GA drawings, as well as line sketches provided by clients
  • Physical support 3D modelling as per the support standards provided, such as the GAD support tags provided by clients.
  • Modelling of instruments, junction boxes with support, and cable trays in accordance with the electrical and instrumentation layout provided by clients.
  • We produce precise industrial 3D modelling and design of utility buildings such as control rooms, motor control centre (MCC) buildings, fire safety stations, and others.
  • The multi-disciplinary 3D Model assists in the implementation of equipment layouts, general arrangement drawings, piping isometrics, nozzle orientation drawings, fabrication drawings, and material take-off (MTO)/bill of materials (BOM).